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SMAC is a self-funded entity within Southwest Minnesota State University staffed primarily with students.  This student-centered entity's mission is to service the marketing strategy and research needs of Southwest Minnesota, while giving “real-world” experience to undergraduate and graduate-level student employees throughout the University. Services include, yet are not limited to, marketing strategy, feasibility studies, and focus groups.  SMAC was founded in 2002 and is self-sufficient.  Throughout its history SMAC has completed over 500 projects.  

Fees and Reimbursements

SMAC main objective is to enhance the learning experiences of undergraduate and graduate students.  SMAC daily operations and projects are led by students performing roles that include Managing Director, Business Manager, and Account Executives. Students are the primary direct point of contact for clients once projects are approved and initiated by the Executive Director and Chief Marketing Officer.  All monies generated by SMAC are re-invested to ensure continued operations that allows SMAC to provide quality services to its clients. The costs for the projects are estimated to directly compensate students and to periodically purchase supplies, computers, software, databases, and related equipment required for the Center to be effective in carrying out its mission to the community and region.  



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