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Survey - Lyon County Public Library Study


Cover Letter April 2007

To: Selected Residences of Marshall-Lyon County
Subject: New Marshall-Lyon County Public Library

The Southwest Marketing Advisory Center (SMAC) is conducting extensive research into the public's attitudes towards the new Marshall-Lyon County Public Library to be located on Saratoga Ave. near the new middle school in Marshall, MN. SMAC has determined that a key element of this research is to analyze the attitudes of the residences living in the Marshall-Lyon County area towards the proposed library and how it should be funded.

As part of a random sample of Marshall-Lyon County residences, you are being contacted by SMAC to determine your attitudes towards the new public library and to determine how the library committee should go about funding this project. In order to get an accurate picture of the need for a new library in this area, these questionnaires have been developed through focus groups and sent to a diverse and comprehensive group of residents in the area. It is important that all recipients of these questionnaires thoughtfully complete and return them to SMAC in the enclosed postage-paid envelope to facilitate the development of a realistic evaluation of the Marshall-Lyon County Public Library. You were selected as a random recipient of this survey so your response represents approximately 1000 other families. As a result, your opinions expressed in response to this survey instrument are extremely important to us. Your timely completion of this survey and its return is very important for the accuracy of the results we achieve; your answers will assist in determining the attitudes of the community toward the development of a new public library.

Please be assured that all of your responses will remain confidential. The returned surveys are separated from their respective envelopes and the results summarized with specialized computer programs designed for this purpose. The envelope number assists us to identify those who have responded to the survey, permitting us to further encourage their participation. There is no further linkage between the envelope and the corresponding survey instrument, once the envelope has been opened. Please take a few moments now to complete and return this survey.

If you have any questions feel free to call me at 507-537-7241. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


Michael K. Rich, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Southwest Marketing Advisory Center


    1. How many years have you lived in Marshall/Lyon County? (Check one)
        • Less than 5 years
        • 5-10 years
        • 11-15 years
        • 16-20 years
        • More than 20 years
        • I don't live in Lyon County (Thank You, this survey doesn't pertain to you.)
    2. What attracted you to the Marshall area? (Check all that apply)
        • Employment Opportunities
        • Job
        • Quality of Life
        • School
        • Size of town
        • Other _________________________
    3. How would you describe Marshall to a perspective resident? (Check all that apply)
        • Big corporations
        • Boring
        • Clean
        • Close-knit community
        • Interesting
        • Rich
        • Safe
        • Small town
        • Other _________________________
    4. What geographical area would you consider to be "downtown" Marshall? (Check one)
        • Varsity Pub Northwest to Wooden Nickel (Main Street)
        • Wal-mart Northwest to True Value (Main Street)
        • Marshall Independent East to old junior high then South to Schwan's headquarters
        • Wal-Mart Northeast to True Value including street with New Junior High, YMCA, Post Office and current library.
        • Other _________________________
    5. Watching building growth and development in Marshall, where do you feel future growth will occur? (Check one)
        • Downtown (on Main Street between College and 7th Street)
        • North Main (towards True Value)
        • South Main (around Wal-mart)
        • Other _________________________
    6. Do you visit the current library? (Check one)
        • Yes
        • No (Skip to question 9)
    7. How often do you visit the current library? (Check one)
        • More than 2 times a week
        • 1-2 times a week
        • More than 4 times a month
        • 3-4 times a month
        • 1-2 times a month
        • Other____________________
    8. What is your means of transportation to get to and from the current library? (Check all that apply)
        • Bike
        • MAT Bus
        • Personal vehicle
        • Walk
        • Other____________________

Given the following six statements, please check your level of agreement for each

    1. I feel the current Marshall-Lyon County Public library fits the needs of the citizens . (Check one)
        • Strongly Agree
        • Agree
        • Neither Agree Nor Disagree
        • Disagree
        • Strongly Disagree
    2. I feel the current Marshall-Lyon County Public Library has an inviting feeling when I visit. (Check one)
        • Strongly Agree
        • Agree
        • Neither Agree Nor Disagree
        • Disagree
        • Strongly Disagree
    3. I feel the current Marshall-Lyon County Public Library measures up to the ideal standards of what a library should offer. (Check one)
        • Strongly Agree
        • Agree
        • Neither Agree Nor Disagree
        • Disagree
        • Strongly Disagree
    4. I feel the current Marshall-Lyon County Public Library has adequate parking. (Check one)
        • Strongly Agree
        • Agree
        • Neither Agree Nor Disagree
        • Disagree
        • Strongly Disagree
    5. I feel the city of Marshall and Lyon County need a new public library. (Check one)
        • Strongly Agree
        • Agree
        • Neither Agree Nor Disagree
        • Disagree
        • Strongly Disagree
    6. I feel a new public library should be on one floor only. (Check one)
        • Strongly Agree
        • Agree
        • Neither Agree Nor Disagree
        • Disagree
        • Strongly Disagree
    7. What characteristics should the new library have? (Check all that apply)
        • Adequate parking
        • Children's area
        • Inviting feeling
        • Meeting rooms
        • More technologically developed
        • One floor
        • Study rooms
        • Two floors
        • Other__________________________
    8. How do you feel the library should be funded? (Check all that apply)
        • By increased property tax
        • By increased sales tax levy
        • By major corporations in Marshall
        • By public donations
        • From City of Marshall reserve fund
        • From Lyon County reserve fund
        • Other__________________________
    9. Would you personally donate money for the new library? (Check one)
        • Yes (skip to question 19)
        • No
    10. What are some circumstances for you not to personally donate money for new library?
      (Check all that apply)
        • Corporations don't appear to support the project
        • Limited personal financial resources
        • Personal disagreement with the layout of structure
        • Personal disagreement with the proposed location of structure
        • Other _________________________

Finally, a few questions about you.

  1. I am: (Check one)
      • Male
      • Female
  2. I am ____ years old. (Check one)
      • Under 25
      • 25-35
      • 36-45
      • 46-55
      • 56-64
      • 65+
  3. I am ____ . (Check one)
      • Single
      • Married
      • Divorced
      • Widowed
  4. In what zip code do you reside?
      • ______________________
  5. I have ____ people in my immediate household that visit the current library. (Check one)
      • 1-2
      • 3-4
      • 5 +
  6. My highest level of education is: (Check one)
      • Less than High School Graduate
      • High School Graduate
      • Some College
      • College Graduate
      • Masters or Doctorate Degree
  7. My current annual household income is:(Check one)
      • Under $20,000
      • $20,001 to $40,000
      • $40,001 to $60,000
      • $60,001 to $80,000
      • $80,001 or more

Any additional comments regarding the new Marshall-Lyon County Public Library?


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