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Southwest Minnesota State University is a four-year public university located in Marshall, Minnesota. We offer a high-quality education in the liberal arts and professions to prepare you for a life that is successful both personally and professionally.

Let your curiosity lead to discovery. Find out what you can learn and who you can be. Connect with a vibrant campus community both in and out of the classroom. Learn to lead, blending your passions with knowledge and skill, giving you the confidence to make a difference at SMSU and beyond.

We invite you to visit SMSU and to discover the possibilities.

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Graduate Call-In Sessions

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South Dakota Scholarship

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Drama Club's Improv Show

March 02, 2021

Mustang Market, March 23

March 23, 2021

Mustang Market, April 21

April 21, 2021


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Background - Erin Richardson
Erin Richardson

Erin Richardson


"I transferred to SMSU because I wanted to be at a smaller school with a more comfortable learning environment. The professors (at SMSU) have been really great and I have had an opportunity for a more personalized education. "


Tracy, MN

Background - Charlie Vang
Charlie Vang

Charlie Vang


"“The professors at SMSU are really dedicated in their work. They really care for you personally and they also have an open-door policy where you can go in and talk to them about class-related work or just about your personal life. As a student I am really appreciative to that support and dedication that they have to my education.”"


Walnut Grove, MN

Background - Bryan Peralta Garces
Bryan Peralta Garces

Bryan Peralta Garces


"I am active in the United States Army Reserve and often times I have to miss class. But at SMSU, the professors are flexible with my schedule which allows me to be a full-time student and fulfill my military obligations."


Farmington, MN

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Jennifer Andries, sitting in the new SMSU display on the second floor of the Lyon County Historical Museum

New SMSU Exhibit at Local Museum; Alumna Andries is Executive Director

Published: 02-26-2021

A new exhibit in the Lyon County Historical Museum features Southwest Minnesota State University as part of a number of exhibits on the  newly...

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Brittany Krull, left, talks with a student in the newly-named Deeann Griebel Student Success Center

SMSU Receives $1.8 Million Commitment from Alumna Deeann J. Griebel

Published: 02-23-2021

Southwest Minnesota State University alumna Deeann J. Griebel has made a commitment that will provide $1.8 million for the Student Success and Advi...

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SMSU Third in Military Friendly® Schools Rankings

Published: 02-18-2021

Southwest Minnesota State University has been ranked third in the country in the small public university class by Military Friendly® Schools. ...

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Deeann Griebel

Alumna Deeann Griebel Happy to Support SMSU With $1.8 Million Commitment

Published 02-26-2021

Deeann Griebel still drives to work in the maroon 1975 Chevy Caprice Classic she bought in Pipestone. When purchased, the odometer read 125 miles. Today that number is 368,000. The car has been restored twice, and is on its second engine, third transmission and fourth radiator. It's in immaculate...

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