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Department of Nursing Scholarship Information

What is Academic Works?

SMSU is one of over 300 colleges and universities that have selected AcademicWorks to improve services for students, administrators, and the campus community.

  • Allows students to be considered for all campus scholarship opportunities using one streamline application process.
  • Automatically imports data from the campuses student records system on a nightly basis, in order to minimize the amount of information a student needs to enter via the online application.
  • Saves staff time by automatically matching students to relevant scholarship opportunities, a task previously performed manually by administrators.
  • Scholarship selection committees will also be able to review scholarship applications online, eliminating thousands of paper copies associated with the prior process. 

After scholarship selections have been made:

  • Students will receive an online notification from the AcademicWorks system asking them to login, review, and accept their scholarship award.
  • As part of the award acceptance process, students may be asked to submit a “Thank You” letter or other form of donor acknowledgement through the AcademicWorks system. Providing this acknowledgement is very important in helping ensure the continued support of our donors, who fund scholarships for hundreds of students each year.

Applying for scholarships:

If you are interested in applying for scholarships, or viewing what scholarships are available to you, please visit the AcademicWorks system.

  • Login using your Star ID and password.
  • Upon completing your application you will receive an on screen confirmation.

The campus has hundreds of different scholarships, each with different requirements, so we encourage everyone to complete the application process to view these scholarships, and apply!

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