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Agronomy Vision and Mission


To develop dynamic effective future leaders in Agronomy with interdisciplinary global perspectives.


The mission of the Agronomy program at SMSU is to offer a high-quality, comprehensive, integrated and unique undergraduate academic program in Agronomy and related fields to service the needs of southwestern Minnesota.  The program will accomplish its mission by:

  • Using an interdisciplinary agro-ecosystem approach to integrating all aspects of agronomy from the "ground to the table to the ground"
  • Promoting the responsible, ethical use and management of air, water, soil, plant and animal resources including sustainability in agricultural practices
  • Using global perspectives in addressing local and regional agricultural issues
  • Offering and teaching a wide variety of agronomy courses at the undergraduate level
  • Working closely with allied programs in Environment Science, Biology, Chemistry, Agribusiness, and Culinology
  • Being grounded in a science-based curriculum, with a broad liberal arts component, emphasizing problem solving, critical thinking, communication skills, undergraduate research, environmental awareness and interconnectedness
  • Interacting and cooperating closely with various agricultural industry and community groups
  • In addition to traditional agriculture, also investigating and supporting non-traditional aspects of agriculture including, but not limited to, organic farming, local horticulture, food safety, and biofuels
  • Providing undergraduate research and internship opportunities to its students
  • Conducting appropriate university and community service

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