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Assessment Academy


The Assessment Academy is a four-year project initiated by SMSU and led by a team of faculty members and administrators as part of the Higher Learning Commission’s (HLC’s) Assessment Academy. SMSU will be participating in the project from fall 2015 through fall 2019.

The overarching goal of the project is to improve campus-wide assessment of SMSU’s Liberal Education Program (LEP) Student Learning Outcomes.

The Assessment Academy Team is led by Dr. Jeffrey W. Bell. Team members also include: Provost Dwight Watson, Mr. Scott Crowell, Dr. Betsy Desy, Ms. Pam Gladis, and Mr. Alan Matzner.

The Assessment Academy Project is focused on gathering information about how baccalaureate student learning outcomes align with LEP student learning outcomes. To learn more, please be sure to review the slide shows and alignment matrix from year one of the project.

AHA Assessment Teams

Each academic year, SMSUFA will establish two or three Ad Hoc Assessment teams (AHA teams) of four to six members each to carry out LEP assessment during the following academic year. These teams will include one member each from the LEC and the CIA, at least one of whom will be a SMSUFA faculty member and will chair the team, as well as one member from Student Affairs. Additional membership will come from among faculty members who teach courses in the outcome area to be assessed or from the faculty at large

In 2015-2016, AHA teams are tasked with assessing the LEP outcome of analyzing moral judgments and engage in moral discourse.

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Student Engagement Data

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) collects information from Southwest Minnesota State University bi-annually from samples of first-year and senior students about the nature and quality of their undergraduate experience. This data is used to measure the extent to which students engage in effective educational practices linked with learning, personal development, and other desired outcomes such as student satisfaction, persistence, and graduation.

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Contact Information

Dr. Jeffrey W. Bell
Southwest Minnesota State University
PE226 - 1501 State Street * Marshall, MN 56258
Phone: (507) 537-6370

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