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Use of SMSU Facilities

SMSU facilities shall be available to:

  • Southwest Minnesota State University Community
    • Recognized student organizations
    • Faculty and staff organizations
    • College programs, divisions or areas
    • Alumni Association
    • Continuing Education
    • Institutional events
  • Groups outside the SMSU Community
    • Community individuals or organizations
    • Community governmental organizations and associations
    • Regional, state or national organizations
    • Non-profit groups
    • Related state and federal government agencies
  • Activities that have a direct relationship to the educational service and/or social function of Southwest Minnesota State University, and are not contrary to SMSU, City of Marshall or State of Minnesota policy or law shall receive priority in fulfilling space requests.
  • Commercial enterprises using SMSU space must abide by the Marshall Transient Merchant Policy (
  • All outstanding charges for prior events and services must be paid in full by the sponsoring organization before the sponsoring organization can schedule its next event.
  • SMSU reserves the right to change, cancel or move a reservation, through collaboration with the Scheduling and Event Services office, to another space when needed. Every effort will be made to notify the sponsoring organization in advance of scheduling changes or cancellations.
  • SMSU reserves the right to refuse space or service to any group or individual, through collaboration with the Scheduling and Event Services office.
  • SMSU reserves the right to schedule personnel as it deems necessary for the protection and security of the facilities and patrons. Groups will be notified in advance of the charges for these services.
  • If damages or loss occurs to SMSU facilities of its furnishings and equipment, the group responsible for the reservation will be liable for any charges. Charges will reflect repair and/or replacement costs.
  • SMSU reserves the right to cancel or suspend any event if it is deemed that the security and/or safety of the facility and its patrons are threatened. Organizations sponsoring events are responsible for adequate supervision of their activities, and for the conduct of all individuals associated with their event.
  • Party favors and decorations may be brought in, with the exception of plastic or metallic confetti.
  • Reasonable time requested for decorating a room must be scheduled in the usual manner.
  • No decorations may be nailed or tacked to the walls, floors, or any part of the building without the express permission of SMSU Physical Plant management. Blue painter's tape is the only acceptable adhesive for attaching decorations to painted surfaces, brick, or wood walls. Organizations utilizing other means of attaching items will be billed for any resulting damages.
  • Decorations must not create a fire hazard as determined by local and state regulations and SMSU Physical Plant management. If candles are approved for an event, they must be guarded against candle wax and open flame by glass enclosures. If damages do occur, the individual or organization reserving the space will be charged the cost of dry-cleaning linens or replacement of damaged property.
  • All decorations must be removed immediately following the event unless otherwise negotiated with the SMSU Scheduling and Event Services office. SMSU Physical Plant staff will dispose of decorations left behind
  • SMSU will not be liable for coats, bags, purses, or any other personal property lost in the building, even if attendants are on duty.
  • Groups and/or individuals using SMSU facilities will be held financially responsible for damage incurred during their use of reserved space and, in certain cases, for damages in the building which are a direct result of their activity or event. Financial liability will be limited to cost of labor and materials to repair or replace damaged areas or equipment as determined by SMSU Physical Plant Management.
  • Groups showing a film/movie agree to abide by copyright laws pertaining to public viewing.
  • Chartwells is SMSU's contract vendor for food service. All food and beverages served in the Student Center, Conference Center, all concessions areas, and all current and future campus dining locations must be obtained from Chartwells. Food and beverages may be served by other vendors in other buildings and area of campus and individuals may bring food into the facility only for their own personal consumption.
  • A student organization may sell food at SMSU if approved by Chartwells and the sponsoring organization buys all food for resale from Chartwells. These details must be scheduled by the Scheduling and Events Services office, not the Chartwells office directly.
  • Under unique circumstances for special events, organizations can sell food obtained from outside sources in the Student Center, Conference Center, all concessions areas, and all current and future campus dining locations with Chartwells and SMSU approval. These details must be arranged with the Scheduling and Events Services office, not the Chartwells office directly.
  • The possession or use of intoxicants in SMSU facilities is prohibited, except alcohol for special events as indicated in the Alcohol Policy (link).
  • Shoes shall be worn in areas where food is prepared, served and/or consumed.
  • Minors unaccompanied by adults or SMSU students will not be allowed to use the facilities unless they are attending an event scheduled in the building, are invited guests of SMSU, or are currently enrolled students.
  • Minors are defined by state law as persons under the age of 18.


  • The University will charge fees as appropriate to ensure that it complies with the employee code of ethics and, if applicable, revenue bond fund agreements.
  • Recognized student organizations will not be charged rental for events that they sponsor. Co-sponsorship of events that are consistent with the student organization's mission will not be charged rental. Co-sponsorship of events that are fund raisers for the organization will also not be charged. When co-sponsoring an event, the organization must request a waiver of the fees, in writing, to the Scheduling and Event Services office. The final decision will be made by the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.
  • SMSU will not allow the use of a student organization's name as a co-sponsor to avoid payment of rental. Student organization representatives are expected to organize and work at events they co-sponsor.
  • The University Community will not be charged rental for departmental meetings.
The University Community will be defied as:
  • SMSU Faculty and Staff
  • University programs, divisions, area and/or offices
  • Employee unions
  • Alumni Association
  • Foundation
  • Continuing education
  • Institutional events
  • SMSU Athletics


  • Fees will also be waived for the following programs held for the campus community:
  • Cooperative meetings between SMSU and outside organizations if the meetings directly related to university business including, but not limited to, Minnesota State System meetings, campus/community advisory committees, and joint ventures of SMSU departments and business or civics organizations.
    • Job and internship fairs--programs designed to secure internships or post-graduation employment for SMSU students.
    • Recruitment programs--university-sponsored events whose primary purpose is attracting potential students to the campus or programs that can be reasonably construed as having such an effect.
    • Armed forces recruiting.
    • University community members wishing to request a waiver or reduction of the scheduled fees for programs not listed above must request the waiver, in writing, from the SMSU Scheduling and Event Services office. The final determination will be made by the university President or his/her designee.
    • ISD 413 usage of SMSU facilities is governed by a separate agreement.


  • Groups and individual outside the SMSU community will be charged rental for space used in the buildings. Fees will be charged for the use of space in accordance with the current fee schedule, which is available from the SMSU Scheduling and Event office.
  • Outside groups wishing to request a waiver or reduction of the scheduled fee must make this request in writing to the SMSU Scheduling and Event Services office. The final determination will be made by the university President or his/her designee.
  • Groups within the SMSU community that are charging admissions, assessments, or fees for individual gain will be charged a rental fee.
  • If substantial set-ups involving major changes in room arrangements (i.e., taking furniture out) are requested, labor charges will be made to the sponsoring group.
  • Rental charges for space do not include the use/operation of special equipment (i.e., spotlights, etc.) for which a separate fee shall be charged.
  • Fee payment may be made by cash, check, or SMSU Department purchase order. Checks are to be made to SMSU. Groups failing to provide payment will have future reservations restricted.
  • Changes affecting room, date, set-up, equipment reservations, or special needs accommodations, and/or special details are accepted, based on resource availability. Changes made within two working days of the event may be assessed as an additional service charge.
  • SMSU no longer requires visitor parking permits. Scheduling and Event Services staff can help you identify the parking areas that will best suit the needs of your event.
  • Cancellations of meeting room reservations must be made at least 24 hours before the event.
  • Non-University organizations will be assessed a cancellation fee for cancellations received less than 24 hours before the event.
  • Student and University organizations may have their reservation privileges suspended in the event of repeated cancellations with less than 24-hour notice.
  • Estimated guest count is required seven (7) business days prior to the reserved date.
  • The final guaranteed count must be provided at least two (2) business days prior to the event.
  • Food will be prepared for 5% more than the guaranteed count. Billing will be for the guaranteed number or the actual guest count, whichever is higher.
  • Adding guests to your event after your guaranteed count may result in an additional charge.
  • Events booked without sufficient notification will be subject to limited menu and service availability. Sufficient notification is defined as at least seven (7) business days for meals and at least two (2) business days for refreshment setups
  • Technical Resources and Room Set-ups must be confirmed at least 48 hours prior to the event start time.
  • Changes to technical resources and room set-up orders with less than 48 hours’ notice will be charged an additional service fee as determined by the SMSU Scheduling and Event Services office management.
  • The organization holding the event reservation will be notified of additional service fee amount before the changes are made.
  • Non-university groups will be charged the full room rent. Rain location charged are non-refundable.
  • The final determination of the location for the event must be made six hours prior to the scheduled starting time of the event.
  • When the University closes the campus, per SMSU Emergency Closing Procedures, all scheduled events are canceled. Exceptions to this can be made on a case-by-case basis, subject to SMSU Administration and/or the Scheduling and Event Services office approval.
  • A group that chooses to cancel its event due to weather conditions may be subject to cancellation fees, to be determined in collaboration with SMSU administration and the Scheduling and Event Services office.
  • With prior special approval, it is possible for events to include the service of alcohol. Once approved, insurance must be secured. Your alcohol service must be done under the conditions of the SMSU ALCOHOL POLICY. Contact us for information on the process, including obtaining the required insurance coverage for your event.

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