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Wedding Reception Setup
SMSU is the perfect place for your special event.

Scheduling and Event Planning

The Scheduling and Event Planning Office is your first stop for wedding receptions, meetings, conferences, and other special events held in facilities on the campus of Southwest Minnesota State University.

Whether you need space for a group of 6 or 600, SMSU can help you. The Scheduling and Event Planning Office is responsible for scheduling of University facilities and equipment.

Want an overview of our facilities?  Use the SMSU INTERACTIVE MAP to get the basic details on any building or facility you are interested in on campus.

The SMSU Conference Center has become one of the most popular facilities in the area for events sponsored by university as well as private parties or organizations.

Learn more about the different events we can host:

Another meeting spot that grows more popular each year is  THE SCHWAN REGIONAL EVENT CENTER at SMSU.

Beyond these traditional meeting spaces, SMSU has the types of facilities that meet special needs too from lecture halls and classrooms to gymnasiums and athletic fields.

Want to see if the facility is available on the dates you are considering?  Visit our EMS Web App.  You can even make an online reservation and we will follow up with you during business hours.

What is an event without food?  The exceptionally high quality of the catering service you receive is a major benefit of holding your event at SMSU.  For a look at the mouth watering options you can choose from please contact

With prior special approval, it is possible for events to include the service of alcohol. Once approved, insurance must be secured and the service must be done under conditions of the SMSU ALCOHOL POLICY. Contact us for information on the process, including obtaining the required insurance coverage for your event.

What about PARKING?  We have parking lots close to any building you consider using.  Click the link to the campus map above and you will be able to see information on every parking area on campus.

Our goal is to create an environment in which you can focus on the content of your meeting or event, not the logistics of the venue. If you have questions, please contact us. Hour hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. The Scheduling and Event Planning office is located on the first floor of Founders Hall. Call us at (507) 537-7110 or email We are committed to doing our best to make your event a success.

Thank you.

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