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Getting To SMSU

The International Student Services Office at SMSU will provide you the dates at which you can arrive at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport. SMSU provides a onetime pick up services from the airport to SMSU. SMSU is about two and a half hour drive away from Minneapolis Airport so kindly make your necessary arrangements to arrive on the date specified for pick-up and liaise with us at SMSU by filling in the Arrival Notification Form.

If you plan to arrive on a day whereby we at SMSU do not provide pick-ups, we recommend you to check out third party shuttle services or taxi services.  These services will be far more costly than our shuttle service and some may only get you part way to SMSU.   We cannot stress enough that you should arrange your flights to arrive so that you can take our shuttle. 

Getting to SMSU

Last Modified: 6/29/18 1:25 PM