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Getting To SMSU

Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU) is about two and a half hour drive away from Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport.   Please plan to arrive 1-2 days before the Mandatory International Student Orientation (MISO). You will need to make your travel arrangements from Minneapolis Airport to SMSU.  Make sure to plan for hotel lodging ahead of time if you arrive early. 

To get to SMSU, our recommendation is to take a bus at the Greyhound Minneapolis Bus Station.  From the airport, you can take a cab to the Minneapolis Bus Station.  You MUST purchase your ticket ahead of time and print out the ticket.  You must show the ticket to board the bus.  It leaves around 12noon and arrives to SMSU around 4:20pm.  We cannot stress enough that you should arrange your flights to arrive so that you have plenty of time to catch your bus to Marshall (Southwest MN State Univ), Minnesota.  This may mean staying overnight at a nearby hotel and catching the bus the next day.

Contact the CIE at or call us (507) 537-6018 if you need anything during your travels and if you have any questions about getting to SMSU.  Travel safely and see you soon!

Getting to SMSU

Last Modified: 9/9/20 9:37 AM