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In State Tuition Designation

International students who attend SMSU receive a designation as an in-state student.  This reduces your bill by roughly $7,000 per year!  And you can keep this designation and savings throughout your entire time here at SMSU as long as you stay in good academic standing.   (The amounts listed on the website already include this reduction – it does not reduce it any further).   

If you look around at most colleges and universities in America you will see that they consider International Students as “out state” students.    This means you pay DOUBLE the tuition.   If we charged you out state tuition here like most universities you would be paying over 27,000 to attend.    With this designation of in-state, you pay the same amount as if you were an American student from Minnesota.   A major savings!  


We here at SMSU find that this is a better way to give you a financially affordable education rather than just a few hundred dollars for a scholarship (which again is all you will receive at other universities).   You may also look around and you will not find a 4 year comprehensive university like SMSU with our record of academic excellence, student involvement, and safety for under our cost of attendance. 


Once you arrive and finish your first semester, there are scholarships, by major and department, that are available for your 2nd year and beyond.  These are competitive scholarships.  There are also scholarships specific to international students available at that time, again competitive with your fellow students. 

 We know that this designation is a major savings for you! 

Last Modified: 6/29/18 11:26 AM