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Mandatory International Student Orientation & Arrival Information

Orientation Information

All new international students (graduates, undergraduate students, and transfer students from other universities in the U.S.) must attend the Mandatory International Student Orientation (MISO)MISO will begin Monday, August 16th, 2021 throughout the rest of this week. This orientation is required and failure to attend an orientation session will prevent you from registering for classes at SMSU.  

At MISO, you will:

  • Complete the Mandatory Visa Check-In required by the US Federal Government
  • Obtain your Mustang ID card
  • Access Your Student Accounts
  • Learn about Health Services and the required Health Insurance
  • Take the English & Math Placement Exams
  • Pay the Minimum $2,500 Required to Enroll
  • Meet with your Advisor & Enroll for Your Classes
  • Among other Important Matters

MISO is designed to provide useful and important information, and help you adapt to your new environment.  It is a program for new international students to learn more about campus life, make new friends, help you retain legal status as a student, and get you ready for classes the following Monday.  

MOVE-IN DAY & PLACEMENT TESTING: Monday, August 16th -  Plan to arrive to SMSU on this day and make your travel plans accordingly. Please arrive between 10:00 am-6:00 pm to check in at the Center for International Education (CIE), located in the Student Center, Room 237. After you move into your residence hall, you will be taking the college placement tests from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm to find out what English and Math level you can enroll in.           

MANDATORY INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ORIENTATION (MISO): Tuesday, August 17th –   Orientation begins promptly at 9:00 am and will continue for the entire day through 6:00 pm.  Please arrive on time and plan to stay for the entire orientation program. You will also receive information to help you maintain your immigration status and along with other critical information about being an international student at SMSU.  

REGISTRATION DAYS: Wednesday, August 18th & Thursday, August 19th –   Meet your major advisor and enroll for classes.  As a reminder, you must pay a minimun of $2,500 before you will be allowed to register for classes. Additional information regarding payment options will be sent to you in advance once we know you have received your F-1 Visa and have confirmed to attend SMSU.

WELCOME RECEPTION:  Wednesday, August 18th @ 6:00 PM - Join us for a business casual reception to meet our President, Provost, Deans, faculty and staff.  

GOLD RUSH DAYS:  All international students will participate in Gold Rush Days along with new domestic students starting from Thursday throughout the weekend.  At Gold Rush Days, you will have the opportunity to participate in fun events, some outside, some in-person with distancing, some with small groups, and some virtually to learn more about SMSU, meet your Mustang family, and make new friends! 

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