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AOS Scholars

AOS Scholars program is a fall and spring semester cohort for AOS qualifying students: first-generation, low-income or
student of color. This program aims to close the achievement gap and increase retention among underrepresented and

underserved students.

Participants will be enrolled in 15 credits for fall and spring semesters, which includes student’s choice of four credits for fall and seven credits for spring. In addition, a tuition waiver will be applied for the cost of five credits; however, students are obligated to pay fees on those courses.

AOS Scholar Classes - Fall

Summer Bridge Classes
Course Number Course Title Credits
LEP 101 Critical Thinking 3 credits
COMM 110 Essentials of Speaking & Listening 3 credits
Student's Choice 4 credits
*IDST 110 The University Experience 2 credits
*ENG 099 Introduction to Academic Writing 3 credits
*Tuition is waived for these 2 classes

AOS Scholar Classes - Spring

Summer Bridge Classes
Course Number Course Title Credits
ENG 151 Academic Writing 4 credits*
BIOL 100 Biology in the Modern Worlds 3 credits
BIOL 100L Biology in the Modern Worlds Lab 1 credits
Student's Choice 7 credits

*AOS Scholars Cohort

Projected Cost*

projected costs
Type Total
Tuition: 15 Credits $3,748.40
Student Fees $569.46
Total Estimated Tuition & Fees $4,317.86
5 Credits Waived (Fall Only) - $1,249.47

* Tuition is based upon an estimate and will be finalized in the coming months. SMSU reserves the right to change tuition and fee costs.

* FY19 rates were used for this estimate and are subject to change.

How to Apply

Contact Michele Knife Sterner at, call 507-537-7382, or apply online

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