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Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge is a three-week intensive residential summer program that provides in-coming freshmen with the
opportunity to earn eight college credits before the start of the academic year.

In addition, students will receive a waiver for the cost of the eight college credits. All tuition, course fees, residence halls, board, and books will be deferred and included in fall enrollment costs.

In order to participate, students must be accepted and enrolled for Fall semester. Also, students will provide three reference names of teachers and/or academic counselor/coach who can provide recommendation of individuals academic abilities.
The program is limited to 40 students: 20 AOS students and 20 AOS student-athletes.

All tuition, course fees, residence hall and board charges will be deferred and included in the Fall semester bill.

AOS Summer Bridge Classes*

Summer Bridge Classes
Course Number Course Title Credits
JUAD 144 Intro to Justice & Society 3 credits
COMM 230 Interpersonal & Cross-Cultural Communication 3 credits
PE 149 Strength & Conditioning 1 credits
GLBL 099 Global Issues & Events 1 credits

* These classes can't be exchangeable.

Projected Cost*

projected costs
Type Total
Tuition: 8 Credits $1,726.40
Student Fees $350.88
Estimated Room Cost $390.00
Dining (3 meals per day) $312.00
Duplicating & Course Materials $50.00
Mini Voyage $450.00
Estimated Total $3,279.28
8 Credits Waived - $1,726.40

* Tuition is based upon an estimate and will be finalized in the coming months. SMSU reserves the right to change tuition and fee costs.

* FY19 rates were used for this estimate and are subject to change.

How to Apply

Contact Michele Knife Sterner at, call 507-537-7382, or apply online

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