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Student Health Advisory Council


The Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) serves as a liaison between the student body and Health Services; assists with formulating new ideas; develops new programs to enhance the quality of services received; and reviews suggestions, concerns or complaints regarding campus healthcare operations in order to make recommendations to Health Services Administration.


  • Insure quality health care for students
  • Represent student body concerns or complaints at SHAC meetings
  • Assist Health Services to relay health information to the student body
  • Review all suggestions received and make recommendations to Health Services Administration
  • Collaborate with other student groups to promote utilization of Health Services and provide better health care delivery


Appointed staff include the Director of Health Services and a member of the Student Senate (Student Services Committee).  Individual students interested in becoming members of the SHAC should contact Health Services or current SHAC members.  Members of the SHAC are expected to attend scheduled meetings, actively support campus health initiatives and health-related educational programs, and promote health care services offered at SMSU Health Services.  Members may have access to confidential information when reviewing complaints or concerns and are expected to maintain confidentiality as a requirement of membership.


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