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You Are Not Alone

Getting Help

Academic Support

  • Individual meetings to discuss academic success strategies
  • Second Semester Women in the Workforce panels
  • On-campus educational presentations
  • Assistance locating scholarships and financial aid

Human Need Support

  • Assistance applying for state and federal benefits such as healthcare, SNAP (grocery money), WIC, energy assistance, and others based on need
  • Connection to Mustang Market resources
  • Help finding mental health counseling

Pregnancy and Menstruation Support

  • Resource finding for parents and pregnant students
  • Lactation spaces (in CH 105 and Student Center) with refrigerators for storing milk
  • Advice on approaching professors when you anticipate missing class for appointments and birth
  • Menstruation resources
  • Condoms and resources for pregnancy prevention

Sexual Assault and Rxpe

  • Individual meetings to discuss options (link to my bookings page from above)
  • Options for medical care
  • Connection to advocate to help offer additional options
  • Help navigating classes following a traumatic experience

Domestic Violence

  • Individual meetings to discuss options
  • Options for medical care
  • Connections to advocates to help offer additional options
  • Help navigating classes during and following traumatic experiences

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