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Current PSEO Students

Required Forms

Each semester a student plans to continue in the PSEO program, he/she must submit a new PSEO form or SACP form. (To find out which form you need, please click here.) This form is to be completed by the student, his/her guardian (if under 18), and the high school counselor. This form must be submitted to the SMSU College Now Office before the student is allowed to register for the next semester.

Students must also meet with a high school counselor each semester to fill out the Credit Balance Sheet. This form will be used during your advising session.

State statute requires that "a pupil must provide the [high] school with a copy of the pupil's grades in each course taken for secondary credit under this section, including interim or non-final grades earned during the academic term."  Students can use this Mid-term Grade Check form to gather their mid-term grades to share with their high schools.

Necessary Grade Point Average

Students participating in the program must maintain a cumulative gpa of 2.0 or better in order to remain in the program. Students who fail to meet the 2.0 cumulative gpa requirement must make arrangements to return to their high school to complete their education.

SMSU Email Account

All formal communication between SMSU and students will be via SMSU email accounts. It is vital that a student checks his/her SMSU email account no less than once a week.
Important information about registering for courses will be emailed to the student’s SMSU email account. Nothing will be mailed to the student’s home, nor will phone calls be made to a student’s home to inform him/her of important SMSU information.

Registration Windows for Upcoming Semesters

Students can log into their eServices account to find out when their registration windows open.
Students are encouraged to start shopping for courses early and place courses of interest in the registration cart to more smoothly expedite the registration process.

An advising appointment needs to be made with the College Now Office, 507.537.6138. Students must submit the PSEO form or SACP form and the Credit Balance Sheet at their advising appointments. Without these forms, the student will not be allowed to register.

****To find out if you need the PSEO form or the SACP form, please click here.

Transferring Courses to Other Institutions

Students are encouraged to utilize the Transferology website to check course transferability.  Transferology is an online tool that will help you view program requirements, course equivalencies, and see how courses you have taken or plan to take transfer to another college or university.

Students who plan to transfer SMSU courses to other institutions should consult with the transfer specialist at that institution to determine transfer policies.

Buying and Returning Books

When buying books, students must present their printed class schedule and Mustang ID to the bookstore staff. Also, let the bookstore staff know you are a PSEO student.

Books must be returned to either Ellie Ahmann or your high school counselor depending on which program your school participates under. Students enrolled under the PSEO program must return books to Ellie Ahmann as soon as finals are completed. Students enrolled under the SACP program must return their books to high school officials. (To find out if you are a PSEO or SACP school, please refer to this list.)

College credit at the high school

The high school determines the amount of credit to be awarded. However, no more than 4 semester credits can be required to equal one year of high school credit in each subject.

Restricted Courses

PSEO students are prohibited from enrolling in developmental courses (listed below 100 level). If a student wishes to take developmental courses, he/she is allowed, but the cost is the student’s responsibility. If a student wishes to enroll in an Applied Voice or Applied Piano class, for examples, the student must first obtain permission from the instructor.

PSEO students typically cannot take 300 and 400 level courses.  However, in rare and unique situations, a student may be allowed to enroll in a 300/400 level course with written approval from the Director of Concurrent Enrollment, and if deemed necessary, the Dean of that particular school of study.

Students interested in taking special courses with additional/special course fees over $250 including, but not limited to independent study courses, internship courses, field experiences, TA courses, education abroad courses, developmental courses, and clinical experiences may be allowed to do so as a special admit student.  Expenses as a special admit student are the responsibility of the student including tuition, fees, and textbooks. 

Academic Resources

If a PSEO/SACP student is having difficulty in any class, the student should first communicate with his/her instructor. Students may also seek assistance in the Student Success & Advising Center located in the Individualized Learning building. Student Success & Advising Center houses the math lab, study groups, and other tutoring. The Writing Center is located in the Library.

Changing Class Schedules

A PSEO student cannot drop, add, or withdraw from a class without consultation with Ellie Ahmann and his/her high school counselor. Students who decide to drop, add, or withdraw from class MUST come in and follow the correct procedure for dropping, adding, or withdrawing from classes. There is more to the above procedures than simply attending or not attending classes. A student who chooses to no longer attend a class, but does not correctly withdraw from the class, will earn a failing grade. Again, it is necessary to see Ellie Ahmann in order to begin this process.

If students withdraw from a course, they must let the post-secondary institution and the high school know immediately. PSEO students should expect to be subject to the same procedures and/or penalties as any other student when withdrawing from or failing a course.


PSEO students may live on campus. Please contact the Office of Residential Life with questions, 507.537.6136. Please note that housing costs are not covered by the PSEO program and are the sole responsibility of the student. PSEO students living in campus housing are held to the same policies and procedures as degree-seeking students.

Summer Session

The PSEO program is only in place for fall and spring semesters. Students who wish to take courses during the summer must pay for courses on their own.


Students are responsible for sending a transcript to any non-MinnState post-secondary institutions that they will be attending. To request an official transcript from SMSU, follow the instructions on this link.

Additional Campus Resources

SMSU Academic Calendar
Office of Records and Registration
Office of Residential Life
University Public Safety
Business Services Office
Deeann Griebel Student Success Center

SMSU Contact:

Ellie Ahmann
Assistant Director of College Now
SMSU - College Now
1501 State Street
Marshall, MN 56258

For further information from the Minnesota Department of Education about the PSEO program, please contact the following individual:
Angie Johnson

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