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Closing the Interview and Follow Up

Steps for a Lasting Impression

  1. Thank interviewer by name
  2. Express interest in the job and the company
  3. Verbally reinforce that you can and will do the job
  4. Request opportunity to follow up
  5. Write down any follow up instructions given to you by the employer
  6. Restate thank you

When they say “we’ll call you,” you say all of the following while using the steps from above:

  1. Thanks for taking the time with me, Mr. /Mrs. _________.
  2. I’m really interested in the job and working for the company.
  3. I would appreciate the opportunity to follow up with you if I have any additional questions. Could I have your business card?
  4. I would appreciate the chance to follow up with you and answer any questions you might still have about me.

Follow up for an Interview

Write a thank you letter within 24 hours of the interview. The practice of sending a thank you letter is becoming more and more commonplace and expected by employers. However, very few candidates take the time to send an employer a “thank you.” When you interview, you want the employer to take special notice of you and look at you in a favorable light. A thank you letter will help to draw positive attention to you when read by the employer.

Uses for Thank You Letters:

  • Express your appreciation for being granted an interview
  • Reemphasize your potential value to the employer
  • Correct any misunderstandings, but do not sound defensive
  • Add any points about yourself or your experience you forgot to address in your interview
  • Reaffirm your interest in the position in which you interviewed or in the company, school district, or organization

Guidelines for a Thank You letter:
There are two different formats to sending a Thank You Letter. The first is by email and the second is by stationary thank you note. You can chose which format you prefer.

Emailing a Thank You is very appropriate and the fastest way to reconnect with the employer.

Stationary Thank You Note is another form of a thank you. Stationary Thank You letters can be handwritten or typed. If you handwrite the letter please make sure it is legible and neat.

Tips for writing your Thank You Letter:

  • Make sure to spell interviewer’s name correctly
  • Use either a “thank you card” or professional appearing stationary
  • Make sure to sign your name at the bottom of the letter, but also include a printed version directly below it. To eliminate the possible guess work by the employer when determining who the card is from.
  • Keep it simple and to the point

EXAMPLE Thank Yous.

Example Thank You Letter:

YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION: Use the same contact heading on your resume, cover letter, and references to create a consistent look.

Current Date


Tom Johnson, Chief Financial Officer
AG & E Company
1305 Village Circle
Marshall, MN 56258

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I appreciate you granting me the opportunity to interview for the family financial planner position on Friday, March 4th. It was nice to meet another former mustang basketball player who also majored in Finance!

I feel that both my involvement in SIFE’s presentation team and in the creation and implementation of their financial literacy program has provided me with the skills need for this financial planning position. AG & E’s dedication to employee development and community involvement is what first attracted me to the organization. After speaking more in depth with you about these areas, my desire to work for this organization has strengthened. I look forward to hearing from you about further interview opportunities.


(Your signature in blue or black ink goes here)
Jane Smith

Example Email Thank You:

Subject: Thank you for the interview.

Dear Mr. Lexon,

It was a pleasure to meet you today. I appreciate you granting me the opportunity to interview for the assistant human resources position.

My involvement in SMSU’s Human Resource Club has provided me with many opportunities to apply my coursework and to help five local businesses develop their orientation materials. These experiences will be very beneficial for a person in this position, and I feel that my personality is a great fit for your company’s environment. I am very excited to hear what your decision is and am available for additional interviewing.

Thank you again for you time.


Lance Griggs

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