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Mustang Mentorship Program: Students

What is the Mustang Mentorship Program?
The Mustang Mentorship Program connects current SMSU students with SMSU alumni, providing them with an easy way to form rewarding, mutually beneficial relationships that advance their careers.

As a student, why would I want to be in the program?
The program gives students the opportunity to form one-on-one relationships with successful alumni. Mentors provide resources, support and tips related to job hunting and career choices.

Is the Mentoring Program a way for students to find a job?
No. While it is a great way for students to connect with alumni for valuable support, it is not intended as a job search tool. Mentors have no obligation to offer or find a job for their mentees.

How long does the program last and what is the time commitment?
The mentor program will begin in February 2024 and will last until May 2024 (or longer depending on you and your mentor).

How often you connect with your mentor is up to you. However, we suggest checking in (by phone or email) once per month. There will be emails with strategies and tips sent throughout the year.

How do I get involved?
Interested students should complete the Mustang Mentorship Program- Student Interest and Application Form by Friday, February 2. After completing the form, Career Services will connect with you to discuss next steps.

Please contact Melissa Scholten in Career Services at 507-537-6017 or

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