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Internship Information - Employers

What is an Internship?

An internship is an experiential learning opportunity for students; integrating knowledge and theories learned in the classroom with practical application in a professional setting. An internship provides students with an opportunity to develop their professional competencies in their areas of study. Internships vary—common characteristics include:

  • Duration can be anywhere between 3 months to 1 year
  • A part time or full time commitment
  • Paid or unpaid
  • Completed for academic credit or not completed for academic credit

Students who pursue an internship for credit work with a faculty member at SMSU. The internship is overseen by a faculty member and a designated employee at the host organization. Typically an internship for credit is one semester but can run longer. Academic learning objectives are a large component of the internship for credit which distinguishes it from volunteer positions or paid jobs. Credit requirements for internships vary by SMSU departments. It is the student’s responsibility to manage the requirements for an internship for credit.

For profit organizations that provide internships should review the Guidelines provided by the Department of Labor to determine if interns must be paid the minimum wage and overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Benefits for Employers who offer Internship Programs

  • SMSU offers companies access to highly talented students. Interns bring current technology and ideas from the classroom into the workplace; increasing an organization’s intellectual capital.
  • Employers find internships are valuable for reducing turnover and gaining assistance with short term projects and special initiatives.
  • Internship programs are an inexpensive recruiting tool to evaluate and train prospective employees.
  • Interns provide an opportunity for mid-level staff to develop their management skills
  • An internship program can supply highly motivated pre-professionals to an organization.
  • Local businesses and organizations that hire SMSU interns are doing their part to keep well-trained graduates in the region after graduation.

Should Our Business/Organization Offer Internships?
Steps to Providing Internships
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