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Should Our Business/Organization Offer Internships?

The following questions will help you assess whether having an internship program is right for your business or organization. 

  • Does your business have the time and resources to support an intern? Do you have support for the internship within your company/organization?
  • Are you going to provide a paid internship or offer other remuneration (e.g. stipend, paid training, etc.)?
  • If a student is going to do an internship for credit, are you willing to work with the student and faculty member to fulfill the student’s credit requirement?
  • What physical resources do you have available to support an intern (e.g. safe workspace, computer [if necessary], telephone, etc.)
  • Can someone in the company supervise the intern? Can the supervisor meet with the intern regularly and provide feedback on their projects?
  • Do you have a well-defined job description? Students need to have a clear understanding of your expectations of them during the internship experience.
  • Will the student be given meaningful assignments that resemble that of entry level professionals? Clerical and administrative duties should be minimal.
  • Can you provide an inclusive environment? When appropriate, can the company include the intern in an agency event, programs, trainings and meetings?

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