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How Do I Set-up and Create My Profile?

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How Do I Set-up and Create My Profile?

  • Visit to register and begin creating your account. Below are some tips to think about when creating each section of your profile.

  • Picture: Uploading your picture is optional. If you do decide to upload your photo make sure it an appropriate one. Professional looking photos are highly recommended.

  • Headline: This is the blue section at the top of your profile page. This page provides viewers with a short description of who you are. Think of the headline as a slogan for yourself!!

  • Status Updates: Just like on Facebook, LinkedIn also has a status update section. Here you can tell people what you are working on, looking at, thinking about, etc.

  • Recommendations: This tool allows you to select from your connections and ask them to write a short recommendation about your work style, character, leadership abilities, and community service projects. This recommendation will then be posted on your profile. This is a great way to show others how wonderful you really are!

  • Summary: This section should tell viewers what you are interested in and highlight your specific skill sets that make you successful. You should also include any specialties or unique abilities that you have to set yourself apart from others.

  • Experience: Many people list their current and former positions and responsibilities in this section. Make sure to use action verbs and include quantitative data when appropriate to better showcase your skills and experiences.

  • Education: Many professionals only include the schools attended and the degrees received. For students this is a great place to show off your leadership and community service projects along with the other achievements you earned while attending college.

  • Additional Information: You can add links to your blogs, news articles and books that you are reading, websites, and presentations that you have given. You can also store a downloadable resume to your profile. Some other extras you may think of adding are any recent awards or honors that you have received. The groups you have joined will also show up in this section of your profile.

  • Personal Information: Here is where the contact information (phone, email, address) would be placed, so others can reach you. Some individuals also include their birthday, marital status, and instant messaging information.

  • Contact Settings: In this section, you can decide how you want others to contact you. You can choose to have others contact you about career opportunities, expertise request, consulting offers, business deals, new ventures, personal reference requests, job inquires, and requests to reconnect. Many students will choose to be contacted about career opportunities, new ventures, and requests to reconnect. Make sure to preview this section before contacting others on LinkedIn. You want to be mindful of how and why others want to be contacted.

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