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Curriculum Vitae (CV)

A Curriculum Vitae, also called a CV or vitae, is a detailed document of professional and academic accomplishments. In the United States, the CV is mostly used for individuals in research or academia settings. For example it can be used for the following:

  • Teaching, research or administrative positions in higher education
  • Research or consulting positions
  • Admission to graduate school—part of the application process
  • Academic or department tenure reviews
  • Grant applications, publishing and editorial review boards
  • Leadership positions in professional associations
  • School Administrative positions

The CV reflects the accomplishments of a scholar and teacher and for this reason is updated frequently. Overseas, the CV is commonly used in place of a resume.

Difference between a CV and Resume

The most notable difference between the CV and Resume is the length. The CV is at least 2 pages whereas a resume is typically one page—two maximum. Although the CV is longer than a resume, it should still be written in a succinct manner that is clear and easy to read. The CV is a detailed synopsis of one’s background and skills. The goal of a CV is to construct a scholarly identity. For this reason the CV focuses on an individual’s teaching, research, publishing and scholarly experiences. Some areas to include:

  • Education—including dissertation or master’s thesis
  • Teaching experience
  • Research experience
  • Publications and professional papers
  • Grants received
  • Consulting experience
  • Fieldwork, internships, or graduate practica experiences
  • Leadership positions, committees, professional associations
  • Certificates and Licensure
  • Special Training
  • Fellowships, awards and or scholarships

CV Resources

There are many resources available to you in developing your CV.

The Chronicle of Higher Education's job site frequently features a column called "CV Doctor,"Reading the advice column can be very helpful.

You should also check with the faculty in your department for suggestions and guidelines. Career Services is also available to answer any questions and critique your CV.

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