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Emailing Resumes

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Emailing Resumes

Before emailing an employer your resume, ask them the preferred method of receiving your resume. You can often find instructions on their website. Some employers prefer the resume to be emailed directly to them, uploaded on their website, or sent as a hard copy through the mail. Remember the employer's impression of you is important. If they can't open your document or would prefer it received in a different manner, you might be placing yourself at a disadvantage.

If the employer requests the resume to be emailed check to see how they would like it sent. Would the employer like your resume as a:

  • Word document attachment
  • ASCII file - ASCII is a document in pure text; without formatting enhancements like font, spacing, color, etc.
  • Resume copied into the body of your email
  • Other format

Business etiquette is extremely important when emailing your resume. This is a formal written dialogue between you and the employer--a business letter. Be clear and succinct and refrain from casual conversational emailing. Check for grammar, punctuation and spelling. Don't use text abbreviations like cmb, fyi, idk, etc. Your email address, subject text and email content must appear like a business letter or it might be considered junk mail or spam - causing the employer to delete it.  

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