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Informational Interviewing Phone Dialogue EXAMPLE

EXAMPLE of Phone Dialogue:

Phone Dialogue Helpful Hints:

  • Write your own script before you call because it will help you feel more comfortable and in control of the situation
  • Practice your script so that it does not sound scripted. You want it to sound positive and upbeat!
  • Rehearse with someone who can give you constructive criticism about your performance
  • Always check to make sure the person has time to speak with you. If not offer to call them back at a more convenient time and then call them back!!

Example Phone Dialogue Script:

  • Introduce yourself and explain how you got their name.
  • Ask if they are free to talk for a few minutes.
  • If they do not have time to talk, ask for the best time to call them back and remember to call them!
  • Tell them you are RESEARCHING the _______ field or profession and would like to ask for their advice. Remember: You are NOT asking for a job.
  • Ask for a 20-30 minute meeting at their convenience, at their worksite, and assure them you know they are busy and you will be brief.
  • Be sure to get clear directions to their office and detailed parking instructions.

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