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Letters of Recommendation

Typically programs ask for three letters of recommendations. Most of these letters will be from professors in the department where you receive your degree. Recommendations can also be valuable from supervisors of research projects, full/part time jobs, internships, or volunteer positions. Choose people who can write thoughtful, detailed letters about your accomplishments and abilities.

Make sure to give those who will be completing recommendations for you enough time to do so. Ask them how much time they need before giving them the recommendation forms. Provide people who will be completing recommendations the following information. The easier you make it for them to write the recommendation, the better it will be.

  • Copy of your resume
  • Copy of your personal statement
  • Self addressed stamped envelop for each program
  • Deadline date for each application
  • Request for Letters of Reference form

Send a thank you letter to each individual who wrote a recommendation for you.

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