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Do's and Dont's When Networking

Networking/Informational Interviews


  • Do not ask for a job or internship (Ask for advice, information, and referrals)
  • Do not spam with multiple e-mails or stalk with multiple phone calls
  • Do not act unprofessionally or negatively
  • Do not ask your contact to mass distribute your resume
  • Do not share alumni or referral contact information with others unless they say it would be alright
  • Do not use slang when writing, typing, or speaking. Use complete sentences with proper grammar.


  • Do assess your own interests, skills, knowledge areas and personal attributes before contacting, so you can talk about them
  • Do research your contact, their company, and their field
  • Do decide what information you would like to obtain before you interview
  • Do give a brief introduction about yourself when contacting (you are an SMSU student graduating in _____, how you found their name, why you are writing them)
  • Do take notes during the interview
  • Do keep the interview to the specified length
  • Do send them a thank you within 24 hours
  • Do keep your contact’s information for follow-up

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