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Practice Your Interview On-line

What is Interview Stream?

Students need a better way to prepare, practice and evaluate their communication skills before seeking employment. By practicing answers to commonly asked questions and planning for the interview, students will gain confidence and communication skills that will impress potential employers. Interview Stream’s interactive kiosk is a web based teaching tool specifically designed to help students prepare for on campus or off campus interviews. Remember that practice makes perfect.

How do I get started?

You can access Interview Stream anywhere that has Internet access.

  • Go To:
  • Simply register by clicking the “Get Started Now” button.
  • Complete the registration information.
  • Immediately after you register you should receive a notification that you can login to the system using your email and newly created password.
  • Click the “Schedule Appointment” button and select the date and time you would like to practice your interview.

Where do I do my interview?

Your practice interview will take place at Career Services in Bellows Academic 156. Please arrive 5 minutes early to get set up on the kiosk. You will have 30 minutes to complete your practice interview.

What happens next?

After the interview you can log back into the system from any computer and review your entire interview. You can send your interview to a SMSU Career Counselor, your professor, to employers or anyone else you’d like to critique your interview. You may want to set up an appointment with a Career Counselor to go over your interview to receive feedback on your responses.

More Interview Tips

  • Interview Suite: allows you to view expert video advice on how to answer those tough interview questions
  • Webinar: video on demand featuring an in depth tutorial from a noted author discussing key interview strategies
  • All Interview Stream features available 24/7/365

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