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Why Should I Join? (a.k.a. What is in it for me?)

LinkedIn Professional Networking Site

Why Should I Join? (a.k.a. What is in it for me?)

LinkedIn provides another means to network with professionals not only in the Midwest but also nationally and internationally. Since 80% of jobs are found in the hidden market, LinkedIn would provide you with an opportunity to tap into this market. LinkedIn offers many features such as job postings, company searching, and a question and answer section. These are all great resources to use when searching for jobs.

Top Reasons Students Have Joined

  • Search for jobs. The jobs tab provides an advanced search option which allows students to narrow their search by filling in specific criteria such as location, industry, etc.
  • Greater understanding of a particular industry. The answer tab of LinkedIn provides a place for students and other professionals to ask questions about a particular industry and receive multiple answers from individuals in the industry.
  • Company research. One of the steps in preparing for a job interview is to research the company. The company tab in LinkedIn allows individuals to search for particular companies and view their profiles.
  • Maximize your contacts section. Look at your contacts to see who works in an industry or company you are interested in. Contact them to see how they got started in the industry or career. Find out what skills it takes to do a particular job and ask if they have advice on how to start in the field. You can also ask for an introduction to someone in a particular company by a connection you have with another individual.
  • Increase your presence. Joining groups is a great way to make your presence known on LinkedIn. Groups also have message boards where you can view or ask questions to the other members. The SMSU Alumni Association group allows you to connect with other alums and hopefully build relationships with them.
  • Read success stories and get advice from students just like you.

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