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Degree Requirements

Log on to E-Services to check your  academic degree requirements through your DARS report.

Click on Academic Records. (Left side)

Click on Degree Audit.  

Click on Open Degree Audit, Graduation Planner, and Schedule Builder (Minnesota State Student Planner). (A new window will open.)

  • The DARS report is designed to help you identify and understand your current academic requirements for degree completion. The DARS system was implemented at SMSU starting with the 1998-2000 undergraduate catalog.
  • A DARS report run in the last semester of your enrollment should have a message at the beginning of the audit stating "ALL REQUIREMENTS COMPLETE-USING IP COURSES".  If you do not receive this message contact the Registration and Records Office as soon as possible. 
  • If you have further questions about your degree requirements go to our Online Catalog.

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