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1. What do I have to do to be able to participate in Commencement?

Students must complete a degree check in the Registration Office, be within 15 total credits left to complete their degree, meet all GPA requirements, and have taken care of all their University holds/balance to be approved to participate. 

2. What is a degree check?

Undergraduate Students - See Degree check process on Registration Office web site.

3. What is the deadline to complete the Degree Check process?

March 1 of each year.

4. What is the deadline to RSVP to participate in Commencement?

First Friday in April of each year.

 5. How can I verify that I have applied for Graduation and have completed a degree check?

On your DARS report under Student Data the Expected Grad Term will show with a date.  DARS report example

6. What is the difference between Honors Students and Graduates of the Honors Program?

Honors is awarded to students who are earning their first SMSU Bachelor's degree, meet a 3.4 cumulative GPA or higher, and have earned a minimum of 30 credits from SMSU.  Graduates of the Honors Program have designed their own liberal arts requirements and must have a 3.3 cumulative GPA.  Both groups are given special recognition at the Commencement Ceremony.

7. How is the Honors determined?

Honors Policy

8. How is the Honors determined that is printed in the Commencement Program?

Honors is based on cumulative GPA as of the Fall semester prior to Spring Semester Commencement.

9. What special recognition do Honors students receive?

Honors students receive special recognition in the Commencement Program as well as a notation on their transcripts. 

10. Do my family and guests need tickets to attend Commencement?

No, the Commencement ceremony is held in the Recreational Athletic (RA) Facility where there is plenty of room to accommodate all commencement guests.


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