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Degree Check Process

For undergraduate students completing their degree Fall 2020/Spring 2021/Summer 2021 that have not done a degree check:

  • Schedule an online meeting with Sarah Schmuhl through Bookings
    • Make sure to list every major/minor pursuing.
    • Sarah will email the forms electronically through Move-It Securely.
    • Students will need to fill out the form electronically and then email the forms to their advisor to fill out/sign.
    • Advisor will need to email the forms to the department chair to sign.
    • The department chair will need to email the forms to Sarah Schmuhl.
  • If students have the forms already printed but have not been signed by everyone, they will need to schedule an online appointment with Sarah Schmuhl to have the forms reprinted.  (See instructions above)

Students Seeking Undergraduate Degrees:

1. Degree Check information:

  • 72 minimum earned credits are required to begin the Degree Check process
  • Complete this process 2 semesters before your last semester of enrollment
  • Do not wait until your last semester of enrollment to complete this process.  You risk not being able to graduate the semester that you believe your are complete. 
  • This process must be complete 2 months prior to the Spring Commencement Ceremony in order to participate in the ceremony.

2. Follow the above procedure to schedule an appointment with Sarah Schmuhl to receive the undergraduate degree application along with the degree check DARS for any major(s) and/or minor(s).

3. Review  the Degree Check DARS Form with your advisor and get appropriate signatures

4. After the Degree application AND DARS Degree Check form(s) are returned to Sarah Schmuhl.  Your degree evaluation will be emailed to you via your SMSU e-mail account.

Graduate Students:

1.  Graduation Application for Graduate Students

  • Complete the above graduation application a semester before you plan on being done with all of your coursework.
  • If you have not been sent any information concerning the Hooding Ceremony and Commencement please contact Sarah Schmuhl.

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