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Transferology: How will my courses transfer?

Create a FREE Transferology Account!

  • View course equivalencies
  • See program requirements
  • Enter and store course work
  • Request an evaluation of transfer work against a program

Will my courses transfer? Add some courses and get results! Get Started - Transferology

Import your MinnState Courses!

Here are the basics:

  • You must begin the process in Transferology.
  • You will see ‘Import Courses’ as an option in the ‘Courses’ and ‘Add Courses’ areas when you choose any MinnState school  from which you have coursework
  • When you select ‘Import’, you are taken to the chosen school’s eServices portal
  • Once you successfully authenticate with your Student ID and PIN, all of your credit courses for that school, including in-progress courses, are sent to transferology.
  • You must separately log in and authenticate in eServices for each MinnState school where you have coursework and must Logout of each eServices session before proceeding to the next school. NOTE: LOGGING OUT AFTER EACH eSERVICES SESSION IS CRITICAL!!!
  • You must create a free Transferology account in order to save their portfolio of courses from one login to the next.
  • After you review how your courses will transfer to SMSU, you can generate an unofficial DARs report based on any major that SMSU offers.  This allows you to see how your transfer courses would complete program requirements!

Transferology strives to provide accurate data to students regarding course equivalencies and applicability, provide an accurate resource for advisors who advise transfer students, provide an avenue for schools to present their "transfer friendliness", provide a location to advertise statewide transfer agreements, not be limited to state boundaries.

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