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Override Process Information

Override Process - 2 Step Process

1. Faculty Responsibility:

  • Sign-on to E-Services
  • Click on Faculty (top left corner) and then Faculty Overrides

Faculty have the overrides for the following course related edits:

000012 - Course requires Special Permission
000019 - Only defined Majors
000020 - Classification required (FR,SO,JR,SR)

000022 - Time Conflict
000024 - Student Special Program Code (Extended Learning site)
000028 - Minimum earned credits required

000030 - Cohort Code Required (off-campus students)
000032 - Student not allowed to drop course

000068 - Prerequisite course or test scores required

  • Enter Student ID (must be numeric and equal 8 digits)
  • Select the Year/Term (will default to current term and will only display current & future terms you are an instructor for)
  • Select the Edit Code (will only display edit codes that you have been given the rights)
  • Select the Course ID (will only list the course IDs along with subject that you are the instructor for)
    • *If the edit code selected is non-course specific, Course ID field will gray out.  No selection needed.
  • Override Date Range: Must check this option if want to enter specific begin and end date and time!
    • If begin date and end date and time are not entered, the override is effective from now until the end of the semester.
  • Click Process
  • Contact student that you have processed the override and instruct them to go to their E-services to register for course

2. Student Responsibility:

  • Sign-on to E-Services
  • Courses and Registration
  • Quick Add
  • Enter Course ID
  • Register Now

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