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Transfer Credit Information

Welcome to Southwest Minnesota State University!

Many courses have already been evaluated and determined as transferable! Check Transferology for course equivalents.

Transferring to SMSU

  1. Apply online! Admittance to SMSU is needed for an official transfer evaluation.
  2. Once admitted SMSU will evaluate all of your credits to determine equivalences to our courses and goals.
    • If courses have not been transferred to SMSU before, the transfer specialist compares the course description to SMSU's course descriptions to determine a match.
  3. Most upper division courses transferring from four year colleges and universities will need to be evaluated by the department. Students can use the petition form to begin this process.
  4. Once your evaluation is complete you will be emailed a Degree Audit Report (DARS). If you have questions don’t hesitate to make a Bookings Appointment with the Transfer Specialist or contact the Transfer Specialist.

**Degree programs are made up of general education (LEP/MNTC), prerequisites, major/minor course and electives. Keep in mind not all transfer courses will count towards graduation requirements.

***Transferability is based on our transfer policies and procedures.

Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC)

Minnesota’s public colleges and universities have established a state wide general education plan to help students transfer in their general education courses. Completion of the MnTC at one institution enables a student to earn SMSU’s general education. Check out to learn more about MnTC.

Current SMSU Students

If you are a current SMSU student and have recently taken a transfer course from a Minnesota State College or University complete this eTranscript Form to request that we pull your record from another MinnState institution.  If SMSU is not able to pull your free eTranscript we will contact you via email.

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