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Consortium Program

Why would I want a Consortium?

Consortium is an agreement to have SMSU Financial Aid pay for courses at another institution that are applicable to:

  • SMSU LEP & MNTC Courses
  • Major Courses
  • Electives for the 120 required credits

How do I get a Consortium?

  1. Work with your advisor to take the correct courses that will fulfill your degree requirements. Transferology is a great site to see how courses transfer into SMSU
  2. Register for the courses at the host school
  3. Fill out Section A of the consortium agreement
  4. Attach a copy of your registration so I can see the exact courses you are registered in.
  5. Bring the consortium agreement to the host school financial aid office to have them sign off on Section B
  6. Fax or bring in the consortium agreement to our SMSU Financial Aid office Fax 507-537-6275
  7. The consortium then comes to the transfer specialist in the Registration Office.
        a. Registration will look to make sure they are in the correct courses and sign off
        b. Registration is unable to sign off on consortium agreements if the courses are
            not applicable to their SMSU degree.
  8. Once Registration signs Section C the consortium goes to the SMSU Financial Aid Office where they process the aid.

    **When using consortium for courses that transfer into your major as well as any upper division courses you will need approval from the department. This can be done via petition.

    ***Those studying abroad will need petition approval from your advisor and the department chair in order for SMSU Financial Aid to pay for your courses.

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