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How to Withdraw from one course during the Academic Calendar Withdrawal period:

  1. Sign onto E-services
  2. Go to the Courses & Registration tab.
  3. Click on View/Modify Schedule.  *Check the term that the schedule is showing; if it is not correct, click on change term.
  4. Click on the course you are going to withdraw from.
  5. Enter in your password.
  6. Click on Drop/Withdraw.
  7. Courses processed through Steps 1-6 are given 'W' grades after the Drop/Add period. Students are still charged for a course that has a 'W' grade.

Impact on Satisfactory Academic Progress: 

  • No impact on Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • Impact on Completion Rate - students are required to complete 2/3 of all courses they attempt and a 'W' grade is an unsuccessful attempt.

 Drops/Adds and Drop/Add Withdrawal From A Course After Drop/Add Deadline

Refer to the University Calendar for semester information.

COMPLETE WITHDRAWAL FROM THE UNIVERSITY (No longer attempting any courses in a term)

Possible outcomes of withdrawing from a term:

  • Term withdrawal and returning to SMSU the next term if eligible
  • Term withdrawal and returning to SMSU after a "sit-out" time period
  • Term withdrawal and leaving SMSU

If you wish to withdraw entirely from the University during the academic semester, you must contact the SMSU Registration Office in IL148 or call 507-537-6206 for assistance. Withdrawing students are encouraged to discuss their withdrawal plans with the Registrar. The date of an official withdrawal from the term is the earliest of the dates students began their withdrawal process or date students otherwise provided official notice.

W, NA, and FQ grades are all considered as non-attempting, last day of attendance (LDA) grades. Courses with any combination of these grades can have different last day of attendance dates. The withdrawal date from the term with be processed as the last course dated with one of LDA grades.  

If you withdraw entirely from the University, reductions of tuition and fees will be made according to the following schedule:

Regular Academic Year On-Campus Courses

Date of Withdrawal Reduction Allowed:
         1st through 5th business day      100%
         6th through 10th business day      75% 
         11th through 15th business day    50%
         16th through 20th business day    25% 
         After 20th business day              none

Summer Session

Date of Withdrawal Reduction Allowed:
         1st through 5th business day      100%
         6th through 10th business day     50%
         After 10th business day              none

For 10 week courses, use Regular Academic Year On-Campus schedule above.
The above reduction schedule is set by the Minnesota State Board and is subject to change.

Refunds of room and meals are pro-rated on the unused portion of the room and meals previously paid. Students withdrawing from the residence halls must withdraw at the Residence Life Office.

Students who are dismissed or expelled from the University because of conduct violations will be responsible for payment of all tuition, fees, and appropriate room and meal charges.

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