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How to Withdraw from one course during the Academic Calendar Withdrawal period:

  1. Sign onto E-services
  2. Go to the Courses & Registration tab.
  3. Click on View/Modify Schedule.  *Check the term that the schedule is showing; if it is not correct, click on change term.
  4. Click on the course you are going to withdraw from.
  5. Enter in your password.
  6. Click on Drop/Withdraw.
  7. Courses processed through Steps 1-6 are given 'W' grades after the Drop/Add period. Students are still charged for a course that has a 'W' grade.

Impact on Satisfactory Academic Progress: 

  • No impact on Grade Point Average (GPA).
  • Impact on Completion Rate - students are required to complete 2/3 of all courses they attempt and a 'W' grade is an unsuccessful attempt.


Drops/Adds and Drop/Add Withdrawal From A Course After Drop/Add Deadline

Refer to the
University Calendar for semester information.

Last Modified: 6/20/17 4:02 PM