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Discipline Colors for Tassels

Undergraduate Majors

A List of Undergraduate Majors with their tassel color
Major Tassel Color
Accounting Drab
Agribusiness Drab
Agronomy Maize
Art/Art Education White
Biology/Biology Education Yellow Gold
Business Administration, BAS-Management, Law Enforcement Administration Drab
Chemistry/Chemistry Education Yellow Gold
Computer Science Yellow Gold
Culinology Drab
Early Childhood Education Light Blue
Early Childhood Special Education Light Blue
Educational Studies Light Blue
Elementary Education Light Blue
Environmental Science Yellow Gold
Exercise Science Yellow Gold
Finance Drab
Health Education Sage Green
History Purple
Hospitality Management Drab
Interdisciplinary Studies Gray
Justice Administration Citron
Liberal Arts and Sciences Black
Literature/Creative Writing White
Communication Arts and Literature/English or Speech White
Marketing Drab
Management Drab
Mathematics/Mathematics Education Yellow Gold
Medical Laboratory Science Yellow Gold
Music/Music Education Pink
Nursing Apricot
Philosophy Dark Blue
Physical Education-Rec/Sports Mgmt/Physical Education Teaching Sage Green
Physical Education-Exercise Science Yellow Gold
Political Science Purple
Professional Writing and Communication White
Psychology Purple
Public Administration Peacock
Social Work Citron
Sociology Purple
Spanish/Spanish Education White
Special Education Light Blue
Speech Communication (All Majors) White
Teaching English as a Second Language Light Blue
Theatre Arts White

Graduate Majors

A List of Graduate Majors with their tassel color
Major Tassel Color
Business Administration/Management Drab
Education Light Blue
Physical Education, Coaching of Sport Sage Green
Special Education Light Blue

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