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Types of Presentations

The majority of student presentations at the SMSU Undergraduate Research Conference (URC) typically fall into one of two types, an Oral Presentation or a Poster Presentation. There are however, other types of presentations that may occur at the URC. For example, each year Creative Writing majors read some of their original work and often Art student will display some of their art creations.

Oral Presentation

Oral presentations are PowerPoint Presentations a maximum of 10-12 minutes long. The completed PowerPoint must be emailed (or delivered in person) to the Conference Coordinator ( no later than 5 pm the Monday before the conference date. On the conference day, the Session Chair will load all PowerPoints onto the computer prior to each session. **Do NOT use Google Slides to create or format your PowerPoint. Alternative applications will negatively affect formatting.



Poster Presentation

 Posters are created using the SMSU poster template (see attached). The template is a single PowerPoint slide, and includes suggested layout and font sizes to be used. If you click the “Design” tab, you will see that there are several background color options available. Once completed the poster should be emailed (or delivered in person) to the Conference Poster Coordinator ( by the due date given to your Research Advisor (usually about 3 weeks prior to the conference date). Posters are printed in a 36”x48” size for presentation at the conference. **Do NOT use Google Slides to create or format your PowerPoint poster. The format needed for proper printing is provided in the PowerPoint template. Alternative applications will negatively affect poster formatting.


The morning of the conference, all posters will be delivered to each poster area. Each author is required to show up between 8:00-8:30 am that day to hang his or her poster in the designated location.


Artistic Performance

This format includes literary readings, theatre, music or dance and are original, or interpretation/research based on an existing work.  Performances may be solo or ensembles. A maximum of 30 minutes would be allotted for each individual performance, including a question and answer period.

Download poster template

Gallery Exhibit

All forms of visual art, including original painting, sculpture, photography, prints, textile arts, drawings, pottery, metal, etc. will be considered for acceptance as gallery exhibits.  When registering and submitting an application for the conference, please indicate any special equipment or space needs. Presenters will be expected to be available to discuss their exhibit at the assigned times.

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