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Assessing SMSU’s Liberal Education Program (LEP) requires the active cooperation of every department that teaches courses in the LEP, along with the Liberal Education Committee (LEC) and the Committee for Institutional Assessment (CIA). The LEP exists at one level to introduce students to a range of academic areas broad enough to help form a liberal education. At another level, the LEP represents SMSU’s commitment to helping students make real progress in essential skills such as written and oral communication, critical thinking, information literacy and creative thinking.

SMSU’s Faculty Assembly has identified learning outcomes and a set of sub-goals for each outcome which will form the basis for assessing the Liberal Education Program. The learning outcomes will be assessed on a rotating three-year schedule established by the LEC. Each outcome will be assessed at least once in each three-year cycle, but may be assessed more frequently if necessary.

Each academic year, SMSUFA will establish two or three Ad Hoc Assessment Teams (AHA Teams)  to carry out LEP assessment during the following academic year. These teams will include one member each from the LEC and the CIA, at least one of whom will be a SMSUFA faculty member and will chair the team, as well as one member from Student Affairs. Additional membership will come from among faculty members who teach courses in the outcome area to be assessed or from the faculty at large.

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