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Professional Practicum

Exercise Science Program: Professional Practicum, EXSC 499

Program Goal: 

The goal of student-professional practicum is to provide senior level students in exercise science with further educational and practical experiences in a professional setting.  Students are encouraged to seek opportunities related to their career choice or aspirations for graduate/professional school. 


  1. Students will learn what it means to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.
  2. Students will display qualities of dependability and responsibility.
  3. Students will have the opportunity to explore their interest in a particular career and develop comprehensive understanding of the job requirements.
  4. Students will demonstrate a practical application of knowledge of understanding of human movement and exercise.
  5. Students will develop skills in application of theory and knowledge related to the profession.
  6. Students will have the opportunity to assess their aptitude for a particular career.
  7. Students will develop the interpersonal skills that will lead to a successful career.
  8. Students will develop an employment record and references in their field of study that will enhance their employment or graduate school opportunities.
  9. The professional practicum experience will motivate the student to pursue additional educational/learning experiences.
  10. Upon completion of the professional practicum, the student will be prepared to enter the profession or graduate school.


Students participating in professional practicum will need the below forms. Questions regarding these forms should be addressed to the advising professor.

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