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Schwan Employee Wellness Program

The Schwan Company is proud to be partnering with the Wellness & Human Performance Center at Southwest Minnesota State University to offer employees the opportunity to participate in a wellness program. A select group of Schwan employees may participate in the SMSU Exercise Science service learning program, using an innovative approach to improving wellness. The unique program is designed to provide the personalized, supportive, and long-term approach that leads to success.

What is included in a wellness program?

INDIVIDUALIZED PERSONAL TRAINING: Following a pre-assessment, you’ll receive individualized/ small-group coaching, training and support. Sessions will incorporate:

  • One-on-one coaching and training with compassionate and supportive SMSU student trainers
  • An individualized exercise prescription program wrapped around the realities facing “real people” with busy lives and unique health challenges
  • Exercise Science student will modify your prescription as you go based on your progress.
  • We encourage you to work with your student trainer 2-3 times per week, but we understand time is precious!


  • Height, weight, vital signs
  • Body fat analysis utilizing skin fold calipers, bio-electric impedance, and girth measurements
  • Fitness testing
  • Rockport 1 mile walk test
  • Core strength testing, Plank test
  • Sit and Reach test
  • Y-balance test

“This experience with clients helped out greatly in my profession because it allowed me to put everything I learned in my three years here at SMSU altogether. It helped me grow because each one to one with a client is different and helping them improve their fitness and lifestyle. From a scientific perspective it helped me put everything I learned into this program to help my clients. On a personal level it gave me the confidence to be able to work with other people and help them improve their lifestyle. This experience showed me I can work with any client and help them obtain their goals.” - SMSU Exercise Science Student

Student Experience

Wellness Program

Exercise Science student trainers are in their Junior or Senior year of their education at SMSU. They have completed all of their basic Exercise Science coursework and are currently undergoing practical application for their coursework. This program, as part of their coursework, offers service learning and real world hands on experience.

Sign Me Up!

Below are links to the necessary information for registration and participation in the Program. Completion of these materials must be done prior to beginning the Program and meeting with a trainer.

Welcome Letter Participant Forms Parking on Campus Campus Map

Contact Information

Contact Information

Kris Cleveland, PT, DPT
Associate Professor of Exercise Science
Director, Exercise Science Wellness & Human Performance Center
PE 220
1501 State Street * Marshall, MN 56258
Ph: (507) 537-7233 * Fax: (507) 537-6151

You may also contact:
Science Department, Exercise Science Program
SM 178
Southwest Minnesota State University
1501 State Street * Marshall, MN 56258
Ph: (507) 537-6178 * Fax: (507) 537-6151

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