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  • Personal Growth: The Honors Program prepares students to live more rewarding and productive lives by challenging them to think about who they are and the kind of lives they want to live.

  • Recognition: Honors students are awarded a special medallion and lead the parade of graduates at commencement. Program completion is also noted on the student's transcript, which is of considerable importance to those applying to graduate or professional schools, as well as to those competing in the job market.

  • Priority Registration: Honors students who maintain a 3.4 grade point average are permitted to register first for classes, virtually assuring them of getting into the courses they desire.

  • Travel: Honors students have opportunities to travel to honors conferences.

  • Extra Opportunities: Students in the program may also earn extra credit hours in classes by taking "honors credits." This allows students the opportunity to pursue their studies in greater depth, working closely with individual professors.

  • Scholarships: The program also provides scholarships awarded on a competitive basis.

  • The Honors Lounge: There is a study lounge with couches, carrels, and a small kitchen with microwave and refrigerator, designated for Honors student use.

  • Honors Club: Honors students are also encouraged to participate in the Honors Club, which sponsors various activities throughout the year, including speakers, movies, and trips.

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