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Social Work Application to the Major

When should I apply to the social work major?


Application Due Date: Friday, October 4, 2024

 Checklist for the Application
   A complete SMSU Social Work Program Application to the Major needs the following:
* Application Form with signatures (link below)
      * Personal Statements (upload in section 3 of Application Form)
      * Resume (upload in section 5 of Application Form)
      * Release of Information, Consent to Program, and Demographics Form  (link below)

Instructions for the Essay Questions
Please address questions 7-10 on the Application Form with a personal statement that is about one page long each (one page per question).
Your statements should be a serious reflection on your thoughts and feelings about being a social work major, and should reflect your best writing skills. It will be considered carefully by the social work faculty as part of the application and admissions process. Write in full paragraphs, using professional spelling and grammar and APA formatting; your writing is used to score your application. These statements should be written, saved, and uploaded as four separate documents in section 3 on the Application Form. 

  1. Why do you want to be a social work major? What personal (family or friends), academic, work, volunteer and/or community experiences influenced this decision? What life experiences have you had that relate to social work?
  2. What do you see as a major social problem in our society today? Why do you think this problem exists and how can social work contribute to ending the problem? 
  3. What particular strengths do you bring to the social work profession? What limitations do you perceive you have? How do you plan to develop your strengths and improve your limitations? 
  4. Respect for diverse populations is a hallmark of the social work profession. Describe experiences you have had working with people from diverse populations (i.e., religious, racial, ethnic, ability, socio-economic, gender identity, and sexual orientation) and identify any challenges you anticipate working with people from diverse populations. 
Application to the Social Work Major - COMING SOON


Release of Info, Consent to Program, and Demographics Form - COMING SOON

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