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Dept.:  Social Science
Office: SS 103
Phone: 537-6224

Sociology is the scientific study of social  life.  It is the exploration of social change and a lens into the complexity of the causes and consequences of human behavior.  Sociologists study a broad array of topics including the intimate family, organized crime, politics, race, gender, and social class.

As society evolves, you as a sociology major will have the tools to critically analyze the world and your place within it.  You will also learn the practical skills you need to succeed there, such as:   conduct research and analyze data; communicate skillfully; practice critical thinking; gain a global perspective; and prepare for grad school.

At SMSU, our students work directly with professors to conduct research.  They gain experience collecting data, analyzing data, and presenting their research at local and regional conferences.  

What can you do with a degree in sociology?

  • Social Service or Public Services
  • Program Support
  • Management
  • Education
  • Sales Marketing
  • Social Science Researcher
The American Sociological Association has lots of information for students exploring a degree in sociology.  Check out the student page at:

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