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Theatre Internship Policy

The intent of a Theatre Program internship is for the student intern to participate in meaningful work in one or more specialty areas in a professional or semi-professional theatre setting, so that the student intern can further develop skills desirable for employment and/or graduate-level study in theatre.  Specialty areas include: acting, design, directing, playwriting, stage management, theatre education, administration, technical theatre, or any other area agreed to by the student and the faculty internship supervisor.

Procedures and Guidelines

The student is responsible for locating and securing a suitable internship and seeking approval of the internship from the faculty member in the corresponding specialty area, who will subsequently serve as the internship supervisor.

The student, the faculty internship supervisor, and a representative of the organization hosting the intern will develop and sign a written agreement to outline:

  • the beginning and ending dates of the internship,
  • the estimated number of hours to be worked (weekly and total),
  • the duties to be performed by the intern, and
  • the reporting requirements for the intern and the host organization.

The student may register for internship credit if desired, and should consult with the faculty internship supervisor regarding the number of hours for which to register, commensurate with the total number of hours to be worked.


The student intern is responsible for:

  • meeting deadlines and fulfilling duties set forth by the host organization,
  • completing the agreed upon reporting requirements,
  • understanding that, while serving as an intern, he/she is a representative of the SMSU Theatre Program, and his/her actions reflect back on the Program and the University,
  • understanding that poor or non-performance of internship duties could result in removal the internship and/or failure to receive credit, and
  • carrying liability insurance as required by the university internship policy.

The internship host organization is responsible for:

  • providing meaningful work designed to help the student intern further develop skills desirable for employment and/or graduate-level study in theatre,
  • providing constructive feedback to the student intern and his/her performance, and
  • completing the agreed upon reporting requirements.

The faculty internship supervisor is responsible for:

  • reading and evaluating the reports from the student intern and the host organization,
  • submitting an appropriate grade if the student intern is registered for credit, and
  • maintaining file copies of the internship agreement and reports.

Department and Program Information

The Theatre Program is an academic area within the department of Fine Arts and Communication.

Dr. John Ginocchio, Department Chair, FA 124, (507) 537-7209
Sheila Tabaka, Professor of Theatre, FA 216, (507) 537-6273
Nadine Schmidt, Professor of Theatre FA 218, (507) 537-7011
Tetta Askeland, Assistant Professor of Theatre, FA 219, (507) 537-6434

Theatre Program, FA 207
Southwest Minnesota State University
1501 State Street
Marshall, MN  56258

Ph: (507) 537-7103

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