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Scholarship Recipients for 2022-2023:

Alyster Schmidt (University Gala Fine Arts-Theatre); Tailer Benson (University Gala Scholarship Fine Arts-Theatre, Hauwa Rena Gomos Scholarship, William and Norma Hezlep Theatre Award)

Not Pictured: Abiah Abraham (SMSU Theatre Scholarship); Brenna Springborg (SMSU Theatre Scholarship); Andrew Scheiber (William and Norma Hezlep Theatre Award) (University Gala Scholarship)


scholarship winners 2022

Scholarship Recipients for 2021-2022:

Front Row:  Molly Green (Alphi Psi Omega Scholarship); Ratsamee Lee (SMSU Theatre Scholarship); Tailer Benson (University Gala Scholarship and Crosmun Award); Makayla Kennedy (SMSU Theatre Scholarship)

Back Row: Jasper Ale (University Gala Scholarship); TJ Tjeerdsma (SMSU Theatre Scholarship);  Sara Heiderscheidt (SMSU Theatre Scholarship); Alexis Christensen (Hezlep Award), Matthew Hartley (Hezlep Award)


scholarship winners 2021

Scholarship Recipients for 2020-2021:

Front Row:  Tailer Benson; Joy Kroschell; Madelynn Singsank; Molly Green
Back Row: Avianna McFarquhar; Dimitri Richard; Domonique McPhail; Alexis Christensen; Brady Berg; Jasper Ale


scholarship winners 2020

Scholarship Recipients for 2019-2020:

To be added later...


Scholarship Recipients 2019

Scholarship Recipients for 2018-2019:

Front Row:  Allie LaMote; Cat Schmidt
Back Row:  Sariah Cheadle (Bill and Norma Hezlep Award); Paul Ragan; Jordan Stangeland (Bill and Norma Hezlep Award)


Scholarship recipients 2018

Scholarship Recipients for 2017-2018:

Front Row: Jenna Miller (Bill and Norma Hezlep Award); Cat Schmidt (Gala Fine Arts-Theatre Scholarship)
Back Row: Sariah Cheadle (Gala Fine Arts-Theatre Scholarship); Avianna McFarquhar (Gala Fine Arts-Theatre Scholarship and SMSU Theatre Scholarship); Jordan Stangeland (SMSU Theatre Scholarship); Paul Ragan (SMSU Theatre Alpha Psi Omega Scholarship)


2017-18 scholarship recipients

Scholarship Recipients for 2016 - 2017:

Front Row: Cat Schmidt (Gala Fine Arts Scholarship), Jenna Miller (Gala Fine Arts Scholarship)
Back Row: Wyatt Albers (SMSU Theatre Scholarship), Emilie Baartman (William and Normal Hezlep Award), Morgan Benson (Gala Fine Arts Scholarship)


Scholarship Recipients 2016

Scholarship Recipients for 2015-2016:

Front Row: Kyle Havlicek (Hezlep Award); Turi Jystad (Hezlep Award)
Back Row: Lindsey Brace (SMSU Theatre Scholarship);
Emilie Baartman (Alpha Psi Omega Scholarship and University Gala Scholarship):
Morgan Benson (University Gala Scholarship); Jacob Fager (University Gala Scholarship)


Scholarships 2015

Scholarship Recipients for 2014-15:

Front Row: Turi Jystad (SMSU Theatre Scholarship) and Emilie Baartman (Gala Ball Scholarship)
Back Row: Alexander Pikala (Norma Hezlep Award), Joel Gay (SMSU Theatre Scholarship), and Kyle Havlicek (Alpha Psi Omega Scholarship and Gala Ball Scholarship)


Scholarship Winners

Scholarship Recipients for 2013-2014:

(front row) Callie Frank, Anna Eben and Turi Jystad (Alpha Psi Omega Scholarship)
(back row) Jessa Roberts (William and Norma Hezelp Award), Tony Falk, Alex Pikala, Em Woodrow


“Though we be but little, we are fierce!”
  -William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream


Red Dress worn in London production Paris Gown worn in London productionRed DressParis Gown

The red dress and peach dress seen above were sent to London to be used in the New Stagers production of the same play, The Heiress. 
Top photos are from the London production, with Joanna Dodd in the role of Catherine Sloper.
Bottom photos are from the SMSU production.  Callie Frank played the role of Catherine Sloper with Professor Nadine Schmidt as her Aunt Lavinia. 
Read all about it on SMSU Today, in the Star Tribune and on the New Stagers website.

SMSU Today

Star Tribune

New Stagers


Jacob and Jodie Forstein

Jacob  & Jodie Forstein

Jacob Forstein (former SMSU Theatre student) and Jodie Stensrud (SMSU Alum) were married in the SMSU Theatre on August 10, 2013.
This is the first event in the recently renovated theatre (new seats and new carpet).
Jacob and Jodie met in the space when he was serving as Master Electrician and Jodie was on the Lighting Crew for Intro to Theatre.

A brief history of our spaces...
 Old Green Seats No SeatsNew Seats

Stripping the paint.The paint is stripped.Our new floor!

Theatre Arts Program:The Theatre Arts Program provides a curriculum for the student interested in working in the professional theatre, attending theatre graduate school, or teaching theatre.A major in theatre offers the student a comprehensive understanding of the theatre arts with the opportunity to specialize in acting, directing, designing, costuming, playwriting or teaching. The program emphasizes student initiative, creativity and responsible involvement. Classes are structured to provide a solid philosophical and practical approach to theatre.The Theatre and Speech Communication Programs also offer combination majors and minors which include Radio and TV, Secondary Education, and Speech and Theatre.

Help Support the SMSU Theatre Program: Your generous support can help with the advancement of the SMSU Theatre Program. Join our Friends of the Theatre Program and receive different ticket packages and other offers while supporting the SMSU Theatre Program with a generous donation!Corporations are also welcome to sponsor part of the SMSU Theatre Season, if you or your business is interested, please contact Diana Holmes at (507) 537-7103.

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