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edTPA with Distinction

In recognition of completing the edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) with Distinction (a score of 50 or higher). Congratulations to these outstanding student teachers!

Students completing TPA with distinction
Term Name Area
Spring 2024 Troy Ljunggren K-12 Physical Education
Spring 2024 Melissa Peterson Special Education
Fall 2023 Lay Paw Visual Arts
Spring 2023 Jenna Vick K-12 Performing Arts
Spring 2023 Brittany Workman-Canales Elementary Literacy
Fall 2022 Claudia Redmond-Trevino English as an Additional Language
Fall 2022 Timothy Rogotzke Elementary Literacy
Fall 2022 Judy Schmidt Special Education
Spring 2022 Rachel Short Special Education
Fall 2021 Ashley Lucas Visual Arts
Spring 2020 Holly DuHoux Visual Arts
Fall 2019 Lynn Bauer Visual Arts
Spring 2019 Rachael Kellen Elementary Literacy
Spring 2019 Sarah Nowezki Elementary Literacy
Spring 2019 Stephanie Swenson Special Education
Spring 2018 Larissa Helget Elementary Literacy
Spring 2018 Katarina Kuhlmann Elementary Literacy
Spring 2018 Korine Schutte Elementary Literacy
Spring 2018 Molly Hennen Elementary Math
Spring 2018 Jodi Marshik Elementary Math
Spring 2018 Anne Schnobrich Special Education
Fall 2017 Emily Mortier Elementary Literacy
Fall 2017 Laura Hanson Elementary Math
Fall 2017 Melissa Bartz Secondary Science
Fall 2017 Karly Stulen Early Childhood
Fall 2016 Marcus Hartwig Elementary Math
Fall 2016 Tiffany Kuechle Elementary Math
Fall 2016 Johna Nelson History
Fall 2016 Jesmine Sanabria Elementary Literacy
Fall 2016 Danielle Van Beek Elementary Literacy
Spring 2016 Kaitlyn Austin
Spring 2016 Amy Nelson
Spring 2016 Angela Burnett
Fall 2015 Tiffany Kniefel
Fall 2015 Samantha Goblirsch
Fall 2014 Samantha Resick Elementary Math
Fall 2014 Melissa Mork Secondary Communication Arts
Fall 2014 Brandon Soller Secondary Social Sciences/History

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