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Welcome to Placement and Licensure

Placement Information

Our clinical experiences include field experiences, student teaching, internships and practicums all designed to meet PELSB licensure requirements.  We provide clinical experiences that are aligned to the scope and content of the license sought while providing experiences with students that have a range of exceptionalities and who differ in race, ethnicity, home language, socioeconomic status, including students on individualized education plans.  Your clinical experiences will be in a variety of schools, settings, and grade bands.

Licensure Information

Southwest Minnesota State University’s teacher education licensure programs are accredited through Minnesota’s Professional Educator Licensure and Standards Board (PELSB). They have been designed to meet the licensure/certification requirements in Minnesota. Program completers are urged to apply for licensure as soon as they complete their licensure program. State licensure requirements evolve and change over time, and candidates may be required to complete extra coursework, testing, or additional coursework if they do not apply at the time of program completion.

We are here to help you reach your goals!

Rebecca Panka
Director of Clinical Experiences in Education
Office: IL 152
Phone: 507-537-7059

Stephanie Fladhammer
Customer Service Specialist
Office: IL 150
Phone: 507-537-6152

Kayla Jelen
Clinical Experience Coordinator
Office: IL 151
Phone: 507-537-7287
Kala Kopitski
Director of Assessment, Accreditation and Licensure
Office: IL 154
Phone: 507-537-6681

Use the lists below to determine who to contact first. We are all knowledgeable about the listed topics and are happy to help if the first contact is unavailable. However, it is faster for you to go to the person designated for each topic and it allows for us to deliver consistent service and communication to all.

Kala Kopitski: edTPA, MTLE, ED 473, Licensure, Livetext Courses, BOSA CEUs

Rebecca Panka: Student Teaching and Practicum Applications, Cooperating Teacher & University Supervisor Questions, Cooperating Teacher CEUs, Clinical Experience Concerns 

Stephanie Fladhammer: Livetext Placements, Liability Insurance, Mileage

Kayla Jelen: Field Experience Applications, Classroom Placements

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