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Assessment Academy Project

Important Dates in Year One (2015-2016)

Sept. 2015: Assessment Academy Co-Leaders Attend HLC Academy Workshop

Oct.2015: Assessment Academy Team Attends HLC Academy Workshop and Begins Project Planning

Oct. 2015: Assessment Academy Team shares project with campus at a university-wide conversation

Nov. 2015: Assessment Academy Team submits first progress report to HLC assessment academy

Dec. 2015: Assessment Academy Team receives feedback on progress report

Jan. 2016: Assessment Academy Team shares Phase 1 of the project with campus

Feb. 2016-Mar.2016: Assessment Academy meets with baccalaureate programs to complete alignment matrices

April 1, 2016: Alignment matrices are due

April 2016: Assessment Academy Team discusses and reviews matrices

August 2016: Assessment Academy reports on results from phase 1 to campus


October 2015 Academy Project Slide Show

January 2016 Academy Project Slide Show

Alignment matrix

January 2017 Academy Project Update

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