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Health Insurance and Prescription Drugs


December 1, 2010

Health Insurance: Prescription Drugs

The following is a health insurance update from Kathryn Grant, MnSCU insurance representative:

"Last year the pharmacy benefit switched Medco and the information is on the Student’s Health Insurance Card. [Students] should show their insurance card to the pharmacy. They will then have to pay a co-pay of either $15 or $30 depending on what tier their medication falls under. This prevents the student from having to pay for the prescription, sending it in and getting reimbursed at 80% after a deductible."

In other words, there are two different classifications for medicine you get from the doctors. Depending upon which class the prescribed drugs are in, you will either pay $15 or $30 when you pick up the medicine from the pharmacy. At that point, the insurance should pay for any additional costs. You DO NOT need to do any further paper work. However, always keep the receipt and any additional information that comes with the prescription. DO NOT THROW AWAY ANY MEDICAL RECEIPTS, INCLUDING PRESCRIPTIONS, AT ANY TIME. KEEP THE RECEIPTS IN A SECURE, SAFE BUT ACCESSIBLE LOCATION. This is a good time to remind you that you should NEVER DISCARD ANY LETTERS, FORMS OR COMMUNICATION FROM IMMIGRATION, SEVIS, OR THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT. Always keep your I-20's (even the "old" ones) in a safe and secure place -- you will need copies for your OPT and for any future change of status.


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